DEC/Digital Personal WorkStation 433au

>>>show conf

SRM Console:	V6.9-7
ARC Console:	5.67
PALcode:	VMS PALcode V1.20-14, OSF PALcode V1.22-17
SROM Version:   v5.90

DECchip (tm) 21164A-2	Pass   433 MHz  96 KBytes SCache 
2 MB BCache


Memory Size = 384Mb

Bank      Size/Sets   Base Addr
------    ----------  ---------
   0         64Mb      10000000
   1         64Mb      14000000
   2        256Mb      00000000

BCache Size = 2Mb

Tested Memory =  384Mbytes

PCI Bus 
     Bus 00  Slot 03: Digital Semiconductor 21143 Network Controller
                                   ewa0.          00-00-F8-00-00-00   

     Bus 00  Slot 04: PCI IDE
                                   pqb0.          PCI EIDE            

     Bus 00  Slot 07: Intel SIO 82378

     Bus 00  Slot 20: DECchip 21052 PCI to PCI Bridge
       Bus 01  Slot 08: DE500A Network Controller
                                   ewb0.0.0.1008.0       00-00-F8-00-00-00   

       Bus 01  Slot 09: Vendor: 1002  Device: 5159
       Bus 01  Slot 10: ISP1040 Scsi Controller
                                   pka0.7.0.1010.0       SCSI Bus ID 7       
                                   dka100.1.0.1010.0      SGI IC35L036UWDY10-0
                                   dka200.2.0.1010.0      SEAGATE ST318275LW  
                                   dka600.6.0.1010.0      PLEXTOR CD-ROM PX-40

Slot	Device	Name		Type	     Enabled  BaseAddr	IRQ	DMA
	0	MOUSE		Embedded	Yes	60	12	
	1       KBD     	Embedded	Yes     60      1       
	2       COM1    	Embedded	Yes     3f8     4       
	3       COM2    	Embedded	Yes     2f8     3       
	4       LPT1    	Embedded	Yes     3bc     7       
	5       FLOPPY  	Embedded	Yes     3f0     6       2
	6       EIDE    	Embedded	Yes     1f0     14      
							3f6	15	
	7       ES1888  	Singleport      Yes     220     5       1
(boot dka100.1.0.1010.0 -flags A)
block 0 of dka100.1.0.1010.0 is a valid boot block
reading 19 blocks from dka100.1.0.1010.0
bootstrap code read in
base = 1d6000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 2600
initializing HWRPB at 2000
initializing page table at 1c8000
initializing machine state
setting affinity to the primary CPU
jumping to bootstrap code
ewb0: link up : Negotiated  100BaseTX: full duplex

UNIX boot - Wednesday October 16, 2002

Loading vmunix ...
Loading at 0xfffffc0000230000

text =  6593280
data =  1194368
bss  =  1857296
Starting at 0xfffffc0000242bb0

Loading vmunix symbol table ... [1631192 bytes]
Alpha boot: available memory from 0x1776000 to 0x17ffe000
Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Sat Mar 20 04:32:59 MST 2010
physical memory = 384.00 megabytes.
available memory = 360.53 megabytes.
using 1424 buffers containing 11.12 megabytes of memory
Firmware revision: 6.9-7
PALcode: UNIX version 1.22-0
Digital Personal WorkStation 433au
pci0 (primary bus:0) at nexus
tu0: DECchip 21143: Revision: 3.0
tu0: auto negotiation capable device
tu0 at pci0 slot 3
tu0: DEC TULIP (10/100) Ethernet Interface, hardware address: 00-00-F8-00-00-00
tu0: auto negotiation off: selecting 10BaseT (UTP) port: half duplex
ata0 at pci0 slot 4
ata0: CMD PCI0646
scsi0 at ata0 slot 0 rad 0
scsi1 at ata0 slot 1 rad 0
isa0 at pci0
gpc0 at isa0
gpc1 not probed
ace0 at isa0
ace1 at isa0
lp0 at isa0
fdi0 at isa0
fd0 at fdi0 unit 0
pci1 (primary bus:0 subordinate bus:1) at pci0 slot 20
tu1: DECchip 21140: Revision: 2.0
tu1: auto negotiation capable device
tu1 at pci1 slot 8
tu1: DEC TULIP (10/100) Ethernet Interface, hardware address: 00-00-F8-00-00-00
tu1: auto negotiation on: will advertise 100BaseTX (UTP) port: full duplex
vga0 at pci1 slot 9
 640x480 VGA, 16 colors
vga0: generic VGA driver
isp0 at pci1 slot 10
isp0: QLOGIC ISP1040B/V2
isp0: Firmware revision 5.57 (loaded by console)
isp0: Fast RAM timing enabled.
scsi2 at isp0 slot 0 rad 0
kernel console: ace0
dli: configured
NetRAIN configured.
Random number generator configured.
ATM Subsystem configured with 1 restart threads
ATMUNI: configured
ATMSIG: 3.x (module=uni3x) configured
ILMI: 3.x (module=ilmi) configured
ATM IP: configured
ATM LANE: configured.
ATM IFMP: configured

WARNING: preposterous time in TOY clock -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!!

dsfmgr: NOTE: updating kernel basenames for system at /
    scp kevm tty00 tty01 lp0 random urandom dmapi dsk0 dsk1 floppy0 cdrom0
starting LSM in boot mode
dsfmgr: NOTE: updating kernel basenames for system at /
Mounting / (root)
user_cfg_pt: reconfigured
root_mounted_rw: reconfigured
user_cfg_pt: reconfigured
root_mounted_rw: reconfigured
user_cfg_pt: reconfigured
dsfmgr: NOTE: updating kernel basenames for system at /
starting LSM
Checking device naming:
Checking local filesystems
Mounting local filesystems
exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 0x14000 root_domain#root /
root_domain#root on / type advfs (rw)
/proc on /proc type procfs (rw)
exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 0x4000 usr_domain#usr /usr
usr_domain#usr on /usr type advfs (rw)
exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 0x4000 usr_domain#var /var
usr_domain#var on /var type advfs (rw)
Mar 20 11:41:39 esmd: Essential Services Monitor daemon started
Subsystem hwautoconfig was successfully configured.
Mar 20 11:41:40 update: started

Checking for Installation Tasks...

Executing Installation Tasks...
The system is coming up. Please wait...
Checking for crash dumps
dump device name: swap01-01, num: 0x5100001, off: 0x0, len: 0xc0000
Initializing paging space
Mounting Memory filesystems
evmstart: Daemon started
Mar 20 11:41:44 esmd: Started monitoring the EVM daemon
security configuration set to default (BASE).
Using an array as a reference is deprecated at /usr/sbin/siacfg line 979.
File /etc/sia/matrix.conf updated successfully.
Successful SIA initialization

/usr/sbin/autopush: Can't push requested modules on STREAM for entry 36
/usr/sbin/autopush: Device (6,-1) already configured
Streams autopushes configured
Initializing random number driver
Configuring network
hostname: hecate
DHCP: requesting IP address information for network device tu1
DHCP started on tu1
tu1: link up: negotiated 100BaseTX: full duplex
DHCP configuring tu1
         subnet mask     :
         IP address      :
         broadcast address:
DHCP: error: no hostname assigned!
tu1: link up: negotiated 100BaseTX: full duplex
Loading LMF licenses
System error logger started
Binary error logger started
add net default: gateway
Setting kernel timezone variable
Setting the current time and date with ntpdate
tu1: link up: negotiated 100BaseTX: full duplex
Sun Mar 21 22:05:11 MST 2010
Ntpdate succeeded.
ONC portmap service started
NFS IO service started
Mounting NFS filesystems
Preserving editor files
Clearing temporary files
dirclean: lstat failure for starting directory: /.osonly_tmp/: No such file or directory
Unlocking ptys
binlogd: failed to initialize remote logging. Please make sure the
network is set up properly and then restart binlogd.
Secure Shell daemon (sshd2) started.
SMTP Mail Service started.
Network Time Service started
Environmental Monitoring Subsystem Configured.
Using snmp service entry port 161.
Extensible SNMP master agent started
Base O/S subagent started
Server System subagent started
Server Management subagent started
CIM SNMP subagent started
Performance Management subagent started
Web Based Management Agent started
ConfigReport Management Module started
Sysman Management Module started
Threshold Management Subagent started
Intelligent Drive Array Subagent started
The SNMP trap to Event Manager interface is disabled.
GS Platform View and Discovery V1.3 for Insight Manager is only supported on Alpha GS series platforms.
AdvFS daemon (advfsd) started.
Internet services provided.
Cron service started
SuperLAT. Copyright 1994 Meridian Technology Corp. All rights reserved.
LAT started.
LSM volwatch Service started - mail only
Printer service started
tu1: link up: negotiated 100BaseTX: full duplex
SysMan authentication server (smauthd) started
 fd internal driver error: [Unsupported media]
 fd internal driver error: [Unsupported media]
SysMan Station server (smsd) started
The system is ready.

Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650) (hecate) console