Obligatory Personal Links & Miscellaneous Junk

WARNING: most of this should by no means be on the web. and much to my chagrin i wasn't able to locate any pictures of former pets (well, actually) - although we did own a nice blue australian cattle dog named Max and must have some photos of her somewhere. one friend pointed out that its lack was my single saving grace, for at least one of these pictures made it on to someone's list of the "Stupidest Things on the Web" where it was beaten out by some weird Samurai thing. i forget, it was a long time ago. for the record it was the picture of the three of us leaving for new orleans.


  • living it up in Hiroshima, Japan.
  • three bad-asses on the way to New Orleans with the obligatory stop at Sun Studio in Memphis. (oblink to Sun Studio)
  • the promised land that is Halifax, Nova Scotia, corny proof of my arrival there, and a great rental car receipt (hint: check the number of days and miles).
  • the surprisingly charming Kent Hotel in Montreal and the Monsieur Donut down St. Catherine's Street.
  • a nice map of Iceland.
  • dave gets it in the face during a playground accident at age 20.
  • winning my heat in 6th grade (especially superfluous).
  • my normally responsible father pulling himself out from underneath his stock car.
  • the ubiquitous Hanuman. well, maybe not so much in these parts.
  • A panorama from the summit of Gladiator Peak near McCall, Idaho.
  • Another panorama from the summit of Boulder Peak also near McCall, Idaho.
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