David Reuteler
Boise, ID USA

Goal Employment as a UNIX Systems Developer/Engineer.
Summary Twenty years experience architecting and supporting UNIX systems and over fifteen developing C, python, perl and Java solutions to engineering support problems including system administration, source control, builds/releases, software testing, 3rd-party software integration and process automation. I am best employed as a UNIX admin who codes.
Free/Net/OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X Server, IRIX, AIX, HP-UX and TCP/IP Ethernet. NIS/yp, NFS/autofs, Veritas (HP-UX/AIX) Logical Volume Manager, apache, tomcat, asterisk, DNS/bind, SMTP/sendmail/postfix, Rational ClearCase, CVS, subversion and Software Configuration Management principles, Greenplum/PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cray UNICOS. Excellent ability to learn new System V or BSD-based OSs and networking systems and a solid knowledge of UNIX at the administration and API level.
Dev python, Java, perl, flex/ActionScript, php, C, Objective-C, Fortran, JavaScript.
Education Bachelor of Physics with Mathematics Minor
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Institute of Technology
Work History

Feb 2014
Converged Infrastructure (Big Data Group)
EMC - Palo Alto, CA
UNIX Systems Developer
Apr 2013
Feb 2014
Platform Engineering
Pivotal - Greenplum
UNIX Systems Developer
Aug 2010
Apr 2013
Hardware/Software Integration
EMC - Greenplum
UNIX Systems Engineer
Aug 2008
Aug 2010
Professional Services
Greenplum - San Mateo, CA
UNIX Systems Engineer/Consultant
Apr 2003
Aug 2008
Software Development Group
Professional Innovations - Boise, ID
UNIX Software Engineer/Consultant
  • Rapid development of tactical business intelligence/dashboard apps in C, perl, flex/ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, php and annoyingly - just once - ASP.
Nov 2000
Jun 2002
Engineering Services Group
Tricord Systems - Plymouth, MN
UNIX Software Engineer
  • Designed, implemented and automated a build, release and workflow process.
  • Operated as a UNIX "toolsmith" writing primarily in perl, C and expect.
  • In charge of source control (CVS) and build/release management for a mid-sized UNIX development group.
  • In charge of transitioning the source control system to CVS.
  • Integrated 3rd party software into a NAS product.
  • Assisted in the system administration of a large Linux QA test bed (many hundreds of machines) and in the writing of UNIX tools to automate the process.
Sep 1999
Nov 2000
Saint Paul Development Group
Bridge Information Systems - Saint Paul, MN
UNIX Software Engineer
  • Wrote a software regression test-bed for a fixed-income API and a web-based front-end to visualize the results.
  • In charge of source control (using Rational ClearCase) and build management for a mid-sized (40) UNIX development shop. Wrote software tools to automate builds, releases, and system administration processes.
  • In charge of a 4 month project transitioning the source control system to Rational ClearCase. This included designing and writing a work-flow front-end to ClearCase in perl utilizing Sybase.
Apr 1998
Aug 1999
Core Database Technologies Group
Wam!Net- Eagan, MN
UNIX Systems Developer/Engineer
  • As a senior member of a 4 person group performed capacity planning and systems architecture for a large replicated asset management system (8TB of RAID per, 3 geographically separate sites). Worked closely with DBAs and also as a member of the Middleware group.
  • Worked with performance-testing and pre-purchase evaluation of data-center hardware including SGI Origin 2000s, Clarion and Hitachi RAIDs.
  • Gathered and analyzed performance data of middleware/backend components and various hardware in order to make recommendations to staff and management.
Dec 1996
Jul 1997
Maxim Group Consulting
Cray Research - Chippewa Falls, WI & Eagan, MN
UNIX Administrator
  • Provided technical support to employees on the SGI, Sun and Cray platforms. Area of expertise was NIS, DNS, NFS/Automounter and Email transport troubleshooting.
Jun-Sep 1996 Scientific and Technical Systems & Solutions Group
IBM - Almaden Research Lab
Internship in Scientific Visualization
  • Integrated the pV3 interactive visualization system and the PVM distributed computing environment into numerical methods code for mantle convection (C and Fortran).
  • Presented at the 1996 SIGGRAPH convention.
Jan-Dec 1994 Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Scientific Visualization Consultant 
  • Created presentation quality scientific visualizations for publications, seminars and lectures.
  • Wrote numerous software tools in C and Fortran to facilitate pre/post processing of data, data and grid transformations and process automation.
Sep 1991
Jun 1996
Department of Geology & Geophysics
Minnesota Supercomputer Institute
Research Assistant & UNIX Administrator
  • Maintained and ran code for a 3-D Numerical Model of Mantle Convection. Included pre & post-processing, configuring for the Cray 2, C-90 & IBM SP-2 and trouble-shooting.
  • Primary system administrator for a network of UNIX boxes and Macs. Duties included OS upgrades, hardware and software installation, network and system trouble-shooting, purchasing and porting code. Provided technical support to users.
  • Supervised and trained interns in UNIX and system administration.
  • Co-authored seventeen publications (two as first author) on various topics in geophysics and scientific visualization.
  • Awarded an Honorary Mention for Outstanding Scientific Visualization in Geophysics by the American Geophysical Union, 1993.

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